Can’t believe my first born turned the BIG 6 a few months ago! Those years flew by and it still feels like yesterday I was changing his diapers, cleaning up mess after mess, or playing for hours with whatever he was into at the time. Or… Maybe it seems like yesterday because I am now reliving those days all over again with my 20 month old 🙂

With Beckham starting kindergarten last fall, one of the classes he has begun to greatly enjoy, is art class. So fun to see the crazy creations he comes home with after art class. Especially knowing that he enjoyed creating them and can spend hours exploring. So when it came time to plan his birthday party I though what better time than to have an art/paint party with a few of his buddies.

Here is how everything turned out!

Art Themed Kids Birthday Party

While searching the internet for art party ideas, I stumbled upon Social Artworking by DecoArt. Think of Paint Nite that they have for adults but for kids. It is seriously such an amazing idea and made everything so much easier. They offer a few different options and I went with the DIY host your own party. Then it’s just a matter of picking your design and ordering any products needed.

The design that I chose was Lone Mountains from the Junior Design section. It is a simple design great for younger children and my son is a lover for the mountains, so it was the perfect choice!

The design of your choosing comes with carbon paper to easily trace onto the canvas.

With the help of my husband we got to work getting all the canvases ready for all our little Picasso’s.

Kids Art Party 1

Social Artworking by DecoArt makes the supply buying process so easy as well by using the party planning tool. Simply pick your design and the number of painters and it will recommend all the supply’s needed for the party, which is fabulous because if Math is involved… well you lost me at “if Math is involved”. Since I already had a ton of craft paint on hand as well as brushes, I only needed to order the design and then I ordered the rest of the supplies on Amazon. Here is a list of the supplies I ordered.


Here is how it all came together!

Keeping everything small and easy, I went with the Celebration Cake ice cream cake by Baskin Robbins, and it turned out so good and fit the theme perfectly!

Once the kids arrived the Mozart was cranked up and the creating began. It was so fun to see how different they all turned out and even though they were painting the same picture, they were all unique and had their own story to tell. They all had a great time including the birthday boy!

Kids Art Party 2

Grayson even got in on the action 🙂

Happy 6th birthday Beckham!

The party didn’t end there however. The next day we headed up the mountains to Park City Mountain Resort where we stayed the night (just the three of us) and Beckham went skiing for the first time, yahoo! We had the absolute best time! Will be sharing everything about that adventure soon!

5 thoughts on “Art Themed Birthday Party

  1. Afton Jackson

    I stumbled upon here and the idea of a Corporate Painting Party entices me. Not only will we bond, but we will also have stunning paintings for our desks. I plan to take this entertaining idea to fruition soon.


  2. Kyle Bloomfield

    I was searching for a theme for my daughter’s birthday party. As she loves painting I am going to throw an art-themed/painting themed birthday party. I also have already bought some colors and ordered her favorite chocolate cake!!


  3. John Smith

    The planning for this birthday theme is fun. They will be happier if it works with this theme on a small child’s birthday. Seriously, I will use this theme on my little brother’s birthday.


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