15 Thanksgiving Decor & Craft Ideas

Happy Friday everyone!   Are you ready for the WEEKEND!!! Halloween hasn’t even passed yet, but I already have my mind on Thanksgiving!  I always look forward to the holidays, especially Thanksgiving.  Spending time with family, eating delicious food, drinking tasty drinks, and being thankful for everyone and everything in your life. I have already started making a few thanksgiving crafts/decor. My Thanksgiving place card holders, as well as a few other things that I will be sharing next week!… Read more »

Thanksgiving Place Card Holders

Good Morning!  For those that visit here often, you know that I have been busy decorating my house for Halloween.  While getting out  my decorations this year, I realized I didn’t have much for the porch when the Trick-or-Treaters arrive.  So I decided to make these Decorative Painted Halloween Pumpkins, that glow in the dark and will fit perfectly with my Halloween Mason Jar Luminarias.  With the inside of my home still having a few touches of Halloween with my… Read more »

Do you decorate much for Halloween? Do you HAVE your Halloween decorations out yet?    I started getting out mine last week, and ended up using a few new ones that I recently made, as well as some from last year.  When it comes to Halloween decorations, I keep it pretty simple and don’t go too crazy or too spooky. I made these really cute Boo letters last year, and decided to show you how I made them.  With a little bit of scrapbook paper,… Read more »

DIY Photo Collage Letters

Good Morning! A few weekends ago was spent celebrating with my friend that will be moving away to San Diego.  So today I am sharing this personalized gift that a friend and I made for her.  We wanted to make something that represented SLC and also all the fun times we had together with our group of girlfriends.  So being that we live in Salt Lake City, we decided to get some wood blocks that say SLC and put a photo collage… Read more »

Good Morning! My bloggy friends and I are at it again.  We had so much fun doing the Great Crate Challenge, that we decided to do something similar again!  Since it is the season, we decided to all create something using the same craft pumpkins from Michaels to get everyone in the Fall/Halloween spirit. Brought to you by: Anything & Everything – Making it in the Mountains – Brepurposed – Dwell Beautiful – Little Red Brick House – Houseologie – Joy In Our Home – Average but Inspired – Meet the… Read more »

Halloween Mason Jar Luminarias

Good Morning! I am so incredibly honored and excited to be guest posting over at Classy Clutter today!  With Halloween right around the corner, I decided to make these super cute Halloween Mason Jar Luminarias.  They will be perfect to set out on the porch when all the trick-or-treaters arrive!  So head on over to Classy Clutter to see the full tutorial on how I made these super easy mason jar luminarias. Wishing you all a wonderful day! Sharing with: Turn it Up… Read more »

I just love this time of year!  The weather starts cooling down, the leaves start changing into beautiful bright colors, the air is crisp and everything feels cozy, and the Holidays are near.  I especially love this time of year and decorating my home for fall.  I have started putting out my fall decorations, and decided to make some new decorations this year, which I am excited to finally start sharing them with all of you!  Today I will be… Read more »

Wood Crate Wine Rack

Brought to you by: Anything & Everything – Dwell Beautiful – Meet the B’s – Brepurposed – Making it in the Mountains – Little Red Brick House – Houseologie – Operation Home – Average But Inspired – Joy In Our Home Good morning!!!!  If you read my Tour through Blogland post, you saw a sneak peak of what was in store for today!  So excited to be a part of this Great Crate Challenge with my VERY talented bloggy friends!  We decided to all create something using the same wood… Read more »

Fall Mason Jar Vases final

Since none of the projects I have been working on lately are turning out as planned.  I decided to make a quick and SUPER easy craft using Mason Jars!  I have been playing around for the first time with chalk paint and loving it!   So with Fall right around the corner, I decided to make a cute fall decoration utilizing my new favorite paint!  These chalk paint mason jars will fit perfectly next to the chalkboard sign on my front… Read more »

Good Morning!!!  Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!  One of the great things about Utah are the beautiful mountains, that also happen to be just a 10 minute jaunt away!  That being said, we took to the canyon’s to celebrate my dads birthday, and had an amazing time. I wanted to share with you the gift that I made for my dad.  While it is super easy to create, it is a great gift that anybody would love!   Supplies: Wood Block Mod Podge Minwax… Read more »

Gallery Wall

Ahh finally the day has come that my gallery wall is up!  I seriously have had everything I needed for this gallery wall just sitting on a shelf for months, and I mean months.  The time had come to do a little bit of redecorating in our living room.  After some fresh paint it was time to put some life on our walls! I found the frames, wood letter and an adorable love mirror for my gallery wall at Hobby… Read more »

While putting together my gallery wall, I knew that I wanted to incorporate a quote pertaining to family etc…  While searching Pinterest I stumbled upon this quote “This is the Life”  I loved it!  My gallery wall is all about family and our new life we have with our cute little boy!  So This is the Life fits it perfect because it really is the life!     supplies: plywood or wood print-download This is the Life print here acrylic… Read more »

With over a year of wanting to redecorate my living room, I am finally getting around to it!  We all know it can get pretty expensive when redecorating any room in your house, especially new furniture.  I knew that I wanted a new coffee table, but was not going to spend an arm and a leg on a new one.  So I made one using wood crates!  I found my crates at Michaels.  I was able to use a 50%… Read more »

With Christmas just around the corner, some of you might be looking for some last minute Christmas gifts ideas.  Why not make something?  These coasters make great gifts for any occasion, and there is nothing better than getting a personalized gift!  I Have made these in the past, and everyone was ecstatic!  The best part is that they are very cheap and easy to make. I found  my tiles at my local home improvement store for ONLY $0.15 a tile.  So,… Read more »

Will you be putting up your Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving and looking for some inspiration?  Or maybe you are like me and already have your decorations up!  Either way here are 15 Christmas Decor Ideas! I searched the web and found some great Christmas decor ideas.  I am LOVING all these ideas and hope to make some of them myself! Enjoy! Lollipop Christmas Tree from Anything & Everything From Anything & Everything Joy: Letters in Light from Uncommon… Read more »

This is my favorite Christmas decoration that I have.  Wish I could say that I made it.  My really good friends Grandpa made this for me last year.  Love it! My late grandmother had one of these, so it brings back so many memories.  Love taking it out every year, it always brings a big smile to my face!  I think the best decorations are the ones that either bring back memories or ones that were passed down from generations…. Read more »

Love Christmas time and all the fun Christmas decorations for your home?  I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate.  This year though I just couldn’t help myself, I turned on some Christmas music and went to town decorating the house!  Those of you that know me, are probably thinking to themselves “What? Christmas music, Tara hates Christmas music!”  Yes, this is true but those that know me, also know how much I love Kenny Chesney. And Kenny… Read more »

When I saw DIY projects on transferring photo to canvas, I thought “oh I have to do this.”  I tried a few of the methods that I found, but was never happy with the outcome.  In one of the methods, the photo was pretty much just mod podged to the top of the canvas.  The other method left a white residue from the photo paper all over your picture.  Additionally, both methods resulted in the photo basically laying on TOP… Read more »

Announcing that you are pregnant is a very exciting time!  You just want to tell everyone right after you get that first positive test result.  But wait, wouldn’t you rather think of a fun and creative way to tell your friends and family?  That is exactly what my husband and I thought when we found out that we were pregnant.  We knew that we wanted to have our first child involved, when I say first child I mean our four-legged… Read more »