With over a year of wanting to redecorate my living room, I am finally getting around to it!  We all know it can get pretty expensive when redecorating any room in your house, especially new furniture.  I knew that I wanted a new coffee table, but was not going to spend an arm and a leg on a new one.  So I made one using wood crates!  I found my crates at Michaels.  I was able to use a 50% off coupon on each of them, making them about $7.50 each.

I am very happy with how my Crate Coffee Table turned out, and am excited to share it with all of you!


Crate Coffee Table


  • wood crates
  • 1 piece heavy duty plywood
  • 1 can of wood stain
  • foam or paint brush for stain
  • caster wheels with locks
  • 24 5/8″ wood screws
  • electric wood sander (if sanding edges)
  • 4 small L brackets

crate coffee table


I sanded the sides and the edges to round the corners.  With a 15 month old running around, I didn’t want sharp edges.  Skip this step if you don’t care.

Sanding Crate Coffee Table

Stain or paint the top of your plywood and wood crates. You can use a foam brush, paint brush, or for more control use a towel or rag. Allow the crates to dry and keep in mind you will want to put on at least two coats.


staining two

Once the stain/paint is completely dry then screw your caster wheels to the bottom of your plywood.


Now the fun part begins! Your coffee table starts really coming together. Put your crates together how you want and drill them together.  Drill 4 screws at the bottom of each crate to the plywood.

crate coffee table

crate coffee table

After fastening the crates to your base, you will want to use a few screws to connect the crates together. This will give better stability.

Crate Coffee Table

Once all four crates are screwed securely together, you will want to measure the space in-between them so that you can cut a piece of plywood to fit.

Crate Coffee Table

Once you have measure cut your plywood and stain it.

Crate Coffee Table

While your piece of plywood is drying you can screw in your L brackets.

Crfate Coffee Table

Put your piece of plywood in and enjoy your hard work!

We were very happy with how it turned out, and are finding out how versatile the table is. It is easily moved due to the locking wheels, also it serves as a great little storage space. You can also change out the center piece, whether it be flowers, potpourri, or Holiday decorations.

Crate Coffee Table

Crate Coffee Table

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209 thoughts on “Crate Coffee Table

  1. Shanice

    I love love love this coffee table! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.


  2. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

    Thank you Shanice! I will definitely link up to your link party on Friday! Thanks for letting me know.


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thank you, Wendy! I am really happy with how it turned out! Thanks for stopping by.


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  5. Cindy Eikenberg

    Hi Tara! You did such a wonderful job on this and great tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing this at Best of the Weekend – I’ll be featuring it at tomorrow night’s party. Pinned, of course! Hope you have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thank you Cindy for the nice comments, glad that you liked it! So happy to hear that you will be featuring it at tomorrow nights party! Look forward to linking up again at Best of the Weekend. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!


  6. Rachel

    I love this, would fit perfectly into my family room, unfortunately being in Australia your supplier is not available to me. Do you know what size the crates are so I can look locally for a similar product. Thanks for sharing, I am very excited to try this if I can find the materials.


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. The crates are roughly 18x12x9. I am sure you can find these crates even at your local hardware store or even a liquor store would have wine crates that you could use. I hope you can find the materials to make one. Have a wonderful weekend!


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    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thank you Kendra! Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a great weekend!


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thank you Audra! It has proved to be very functional. With my little boy really into reading books these days, it has been a great place to store them instead of all over the living room floor 🙂


  8. JaneEllen

    Fantastic coffee table. Brilliant idea using the crates and saving money, having a one of a kind table. I like to have something different than other people, why? who knows. Your table is so great, love storage and display ideas with it. Good deal on the crates at Michaels and putting casters on it was so smart also.
    Hey I’d need to sand down edges as I’m” miss clumsy of the world”. If something can be tripped on or trundled into it’s me doing it. What’s my excuse?
    If you have Harbor Freight in your town they have good prices on casters compared to other stores. Happy week


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thank you! I do believe we have a Harbor Freight in our area, I will have to check it out for my next project needs!


  9. Julie

    I usually avoid projects that require power tools like the plague but this looks really do-able. This finished product is great too, I especially love the gap in the middle for all sorts of things.


  10. Shelly

    You did and awesome job on the tutorial!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I’m pinning this one to our DIY Sunday Showcase Talent Board!! Thanks for joining us!! Hope to see you next week!



    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thank you, Shelly! So excited to hear that you will be pinning it to your DIY Sunday Talent Board! Look forward to linking up again. Thanks for hosting!


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    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thank you, Lauren! I love the idea of having it for an outdoor patio as well 🙂


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thank you, Marie! I am so happy to hear that you will be featuring it! Look forward to linking up with you guys again soon.


  12. Charade

    Just pinned this! Found it on Carolyn’s Homework Inspiration Board link party. We’re getting ready to build a “bunk house” addition to a new garage, and this is definitely the right coffee table for that space. Thanks so much for sharing such detail.


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      So glad that you found my site and took the time to comment! Have fun building your “bunk house!” So glad that you like the coffee table, thank you!


  13. Sondra @ Sondra Lyn at Home

    This is FABULOUS! I want to make one so bad… maybe I need to get rid of a coffee table so I can!! Thanks for linking at Share it Sunday {25}. I’m going to feature this at Share it Sunday {26} when it goes live Saturday night!

    One question… do you have a final cost estimate?

    Thanks again for the great tutorial! – Sondra


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thank you, Sondra! Glad that you like it! I am so happy to hear that you will be featuring it 🙂

      The total cost with supplies and everything was probably about $70.00…Not bad, huh?!?!


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  18. Diana

    Wow! I love this!!!! So, love love love it!!! Uh, I think this needs to happen in my house, FAST! I will be featuring this tomorrow during the Sunday Best Link Party! 🙂 XOXO


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  25. Shawna

    Love love love it! What are the l brackets for? Unfortunately the crates looked much smaller in person. Did it seem bigger when put together or stained or something? Also, what stain color/brand did you use? Thanks!! You did a great job!!


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Shawna, the l brackets are for the middle section to hold a piece of plywood, so that you can put a flower or whatever you want in the middle. You don’t have to use the l brackets, your hole in the middle will just be a lot deeper without them. Crates do come in different sizes. The crates we used are are perfect for our space, but I am sure you can find bigger or smaller ones depending on your needs. Thanks for stopping by, glad you like it!


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thank you, Lisa! So happy to hear you will be featuring it! The middle part of the coffee table is my favorite. Love how you can change it out with whatever you want to at the time.


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  28. Elic

    If I were to have a coffee table, I think I would pretty much copy yours! I can’t for several reasons, one is that I don’t really have a living room, but also my blind roommates’ call them “shin bitters.” Still, I just adore yours and will wish I could have one! Maybe I’ll consider building a storage wall with them, something I really hadn’t considered!


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  30. Denise

    Great project. Thanks for linking up at Share it Sunday. Also posted a link on the Share it Sunday FB page to send them directly here rather than going to the feature in our Link Party Post. Have a great rest of the week.


  31. cathy

    Hey there! Beautiful coffee table!! I think this might be a pin I actually do because it looks like I could do it without much difficulty. Question, forgive me if this is obvious, the piece of plywood you use for the center is a seperate piece from the piece mentioned in the list of items you need? I didn’t see it listed and it doesn’t look like you cut it out of the big piece you have on the bottom.


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Hi Cathy! The plywood only comes in larger sizes, so you will want to put your crates together (don’t screw them together yet) and measure it. When you purchase the plywood at the hardware store, they will cut it for you to the exact measurements that you need or you can cut it at home yourself. Since the plywood is pretty large you will have extra scraps. Once it is all put together that is when you will measure the center part of the coffee table, using the extra scraps cut a piece plywood to put in the middle. Let me know if you have anymore questions! It really is fairly easy to make, you can do it! Thanks for stopping by!


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  33. Lauren

    Love this table! I’ve been searching for coffee table ideas today. This one is great. I love the stain you used. Do you mind telling me what brand and color you used?

    I’d be thrilled if you’d link up at this week’s Off the Hook!


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thanks Lauren! Of course I don’t mind telling you 🙂 The stain that I used was from Minwax Polyshades in Mission Oak satin finish. Thanks for inviting me to the link party! I will link up for sure!


  34. Shanae

    This is EXACTLY what I need.

    I’m moving into my very first apartment next month and plan to decorate on a budget. This is a great idea. I cannot wait to try it.


  35. Alli

    Beautiful!!! I was about to ask what color the stain was until I read your reply above. Pinning! I’ve been looking for a new coffee table and I believe I’ve found it.


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    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thank you, Mariah. So excited to see that I was featured at The Creative Collection Link Party! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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  42. Shana

    This is gorgeous and simple! I love the idea! We are moving and currently redesigning our new house as well, and I’m keeping this safe for a project for our new lounge! Thanks for linking up with the Weekday Mixer! Stopping by as a co-host!


  43. Glenda Stacy

    y daughter would love this—so do I it looks easy enough the way you showed it step by step really was helpful thanks–thinking about trying to make one—but for me I would probably paint it and place a cut piece of thick glass for the middle–just thinking out loud–love your though


    1. https://www.hatchandhaven.com Post author

      Thank you, Glenda! Glad you like it. Great idea about putting glass in the middle!


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  51. Darcye

    Hi, I love this idea and am picking up the supplies to make it tomorrow. Can you tell me the specific measurements that the plywood is cut please, that way I can save time and have Lowe’s cut it for me 🙂 thank you!


    1. Tara Post author

      Hi Darcye! Since wood crates can sometimes be a little bit different sizes, the best thing to do is put your wood crates together how you want them. Then measure them and that is the measurements you will want to give them. Have fun putting your coffee table together!


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  54. Taryn

    This is really beautiful and I want to recreate the finish, what stain color did you use for it? Apologies if you already answered the question and I missed it!


    1. Aimee

      wait.. Is the finish ‘Mission Oak’ or ‘Dark Walnut’?? Maybe I’m reading it wrong but it seems there’s two different answers for the same question? Thankyou!


      1. Tara Post author

        Oh, i’m sorry about that. I must have got confused since I no longer have the stain. I am about 99% sure that it is Dark Walnut.


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  56. Traci

    Hi Tara! I love this and am going to build it this week sometime!! I was just wondering what is the size of the plywood you made? And how much do you think it weighs so I can get the right wheels? THANKS!!!



  57. Lori Wise

    Hey there…do you happen to remember what width plywood you used? I want to make sure it fits. Thanks so much for such an AWESOME idea!!!


  58. Lori Wise

    Never mind on that last question. I thought it was something you were sliding in between the slits. On that note, however, is there a specific type of plywood you’d recommend? I had no idea there were so many! And most importantly, how did you manage to get the variation in colors? Thanks!!!


    1. Tara Post author

      You know I really think any plywood is fine. I personally just got whatever was the cheapest but still heavy duty, and it worked perfectly! As for the variations in color, there is really no special technique. I pretty much just applied it with a lint free towel and that was it! I did apply two coats of the stain though. Good luck!


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  61. Edna

    This table is AMAZI NG!!! Im making one as we speak!! Thanks for the tutorial, it is awesome!! I didn’t remember the plywood on the bottom , my hubby is on his way to get the plywood to finish this baby today!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!


  62. Edna

    I love this table! I am making one as we speak! Although I forgot about the plywood, so my hubby is on his way to pick it up!!! Then Ill stain the table and be done!! I cant wait! Thank you for the amazing idea!! This is gonna look so AWESOME in my family room!! THANKS AGAIN!


    1. Tara Post author

      Thank you so much, Donvielle! I am so happy that you stumbled upon my site as well! Have fun making your own coffee table!


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  64. Deepti

    Excellent idea, I do have a question: what is the exact brand and color of the stain you used? Do you think a sealant/varnish on top would help ? Thanks a lot


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  69. Radha

    Hi Tara..That’s one awesome table & thanks for this post on how to do it. I’m just starting to buy all the necessary materials and would like to know what should be the length of the wood screws and where did you get the caster wheels..?


  70. Erin

    What are the dimensions of the crates? I have found that there are so many different sizes and cannot figure out what size crate to choose. Thanks!


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  76. Luke

    WHat stain did you use?
    You state two different wood stains:
    Minwax Polyshades in Mission Oak satin finish and Minwax in Dark Walnut

    Can you verify?


  77. Luke

    Do you happen to have or know anyone who has built this project who owns a cat? I know they jump on everything and I was wondering about how much weight the table could hold without breaking.


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  81. Cindy Hoffman

    It seems that there is much that can be done using just a wooden crate. I have lots of wooden crates that I believe should now be put to use and I think the idea of a coffee table is really cool. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.



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  84. vikki

    Guys I am like 99 percent sure that the stain used in the MINLAX polyshade Mission Oak satin because when you look at the picture where u can kind of see the paint can you can tell that the name of the can couldn’t possible say dark walnut


  85. Paul Langley

    Wow, I never would’ve thought that a table made of a few shipping crates could look so great! I really like the little sunken flower nook, that’s really clever. I may have to try something like this over the long weekend, thanks so much for writing!


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  87. Jill

    Hi…loved this on Pintrest…the only trouble in having is the nails rnt long enough to hold crates to each other and they are too small to attach the wheels. Back to home Depot I go!


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  92. Bélise

    This is a brilliant way to up-cycle crates! I like that the coffee table is not only pretty but functional with all of the storage space available. I agree that it’s wise to sand the crates down to prevent any injury. Thank you for sharing your project!


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  98. Marie

    I absolutely love this. Your step by step directions very clear and helpful. I just made side tables out of crates so my next project is the coffee table. Did you use a clear polyurethane on top?


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  121. Aiden

    your work reminds me my passion about redecoring my drawing room. and today i want to do this again. and i thing that crates are such wonderful idea. these looks so nice and your work is super professional. thanks for sharing your amazing stuff.


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