There is nothing better than handmade Christmas ornaments!  Growing up I remember my cousins, brother, and I would help my great grandma make ornaments, it was so much fun and something I will cherish forever.  Not only was I able to make some with her, but I now have all her handmade ornaments that I put on my Christmas tree year after year!

I am so excited to have teamed up with some other talented bloggers, and give you some great ideas and inspiration with the Handmade Christmas Ornament Blog Hop!

Handmade Christms Ornaments Blog Hop

Now let me show you the ornament I made for the Handmade Christmas Ornament Blog Hop, and also learn how to make one yourself!


West Elm Inspired DIY Geometric Clay Ornament

West Elm Inspired Geometric Clay Ornament



My ornament was inspired by West Elm’s Flaneur’s Pocket Geometric Wooden Ornaments.

West Elm Inspired Geometric Ornamnet

When I saw West Elm’s Wooden Geometric Ornament, I thought “Oh, I can’t re-create that, I don’t have the proper tools to cut wood in a shape like that.”  So it was time to get my thinking hat on.  Amazing what a little time and thinking can do.  I thought of the idea to re-create it using oven bake Sculpey Clay.  Which can be found here or at most craft stores.  Love how easy this clay is to use, and you can really create whatever you would like with this.  Just use your imagination.




DIY Geometric Clay Ornament Supplies


I used one sculpey clay pack, rolled it into a ball, and tried to smooth it out as much as I could.  I found that if you place the ball of clay in the fridge for a few minutes, it made it easier to keep it smooth while shaping it.  Just keep in mind that you since you will be cutting off parts of the clay, you will want more clay if you are wanting your ornament larger in size.

DIY Geometric Clay Ornament Step 1


Then using your clay knife or just a regular sharp kitchen knife (which is what I preferred using, as it was sharper and easier) start carving your clay until you have your desired look. Then I poked a hole in the top for the twine to go in with a mini screw driver.  Or you can use the poker tool in the Sculpey kit.  The nice thing about this clay is that if you mess up, you can easily just roll it up in a ball and start all over again!

DIY Geometric Clay Ornament Step 2


I had so much fun with this Sculpey Clay that I decided to make a few different fun shapes!



Once I had the shape I wanted, I placed them on a baking sheet and baked them in the oven at 275 degrees for 15 min. The time will vary depending on the size of your ornament.  So just make sure to check the directions.  Once they were cool, I painted them using gold, teal, and yellow with a really small paint brush.

DIY Geometric Clay Ornament Step 4


DIY Geometric Clay Ornament Step 5


Even my little guy joined in the fun and painted his own 🙂  He loved it!  So much fun when the kids get involved in your projects!



Here is his creation!  He gave it a little tie-dye look!

DIY Geometric Clay Ornament Step 7


I love the way my West Elm inspired ornament turned out, and I really enjoyed playing with Sculpey Clay for the first time.  It is so easy to use – just shape and bake!

DIY Geometric Clay Ornament - West Elm Inspired



Now let’s see the ornaments that all the other talented bloggers created!



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