Day 3:  Old Town San Diego

old town

One thing we had heard from multiple people was that we had to visit Old Town, and we are super happy that we did.  With our love of Mexico, anything to make us feel like we were in Mexico is a welcome treat!  Old Town completely exceeded our expectations and was my husbands favorite day.

When we arrived I knew I was going to like it!  The multi colored tiles, various plants and just the feel, was very much like we were in Mexico.

old town 2

Old Town San Diego is a place to revisit history as well as shop and dine.  Within walking distance there are many great places to shop and dine with unique merchandise and quaint atmosphere.  Upon arrival we walked around and did a little shopping at the Bazzar Del Mundo Shops.  At these shops you will find anything ranging from clothing, jewelry, books, home decor and much much more. We were a little concerned because we thought that those first shops were basically Old Town. How wrong we were.

Old Town

Old Town 10

Old Town 11

Old Town 12


Old Town 13

Once we did a little shopping and discovering that the full old town was a block away, we set off to get some good authentic Mexican cuisine….my favorite!  There are so many great looking restaurants there, it was really hard to choose.  The one we choose ended up being really great, and had an amazing open and very authentic Mexican atmosphere!  Without fail, whenever we eat at a Mexican restaurant my husband has to get the fajitas.  That is how he decides if the restaurant is up to par or not haha!  As a side note, he says they were amazing, and that he absolutely loves when a dish comes out on a skillet and is literally steaming hot (which it did, and they were).

Old Town 16

Beckham was really enjoying the limes and greatly entertained by all the birds that were flocking to him because of all his food he was dropping on the floor 🙂

Old Town 2

Old Town 3

Old Town 50

Old Town 16 copy After we ate we walked around some more shops and then as we were shopping, we heard music. Our little dude loves music, so we stepped outside to find in the middle of the shopping area, they had a stage with dancers. Not river dancers, this was old authentic Mexican dancing, and was surprisingly amusing to watch.  Beckham was getting a kick out if it!

Old Town 5


Old Town 51

We Walked around and checked out the historical sites, which was really an old town. There was an old school turn of the century candy shop, a “tools” store, and other old style shops. A dusty old wheel wagon sat on the side of a small park that also had an old rusty war cannon surrounded by very old knotty and gnarly trees. It felt like a travel back in time. We did a little more shopping until our little bugaboo had had enough.

Old Town 29

Old Town 52


Old Town 53


Old Town 54

Here is a carousal of pictures of our visit to Old Town.  Enjoy!

Headed back to the Catamaran Resort, where we decided to go for a jaunt across the street and hang out at the beach for a little bit.  Perfect night for that. The Ocean Breeze, sand between our toes, and tons of surfers negotiating the waves!  Good times!  As you can tell our little man loves the beach and the Ocean.  He is always a smiling boy, but even more so when he is at the beach, and I’m pretty sure he gets that from his mama!  I just can’t get enough of the ocean life and it is clear that it is my “happy place”. We managed to get some amazing photos on the beach that we will keep and cherish forever.

What a fun filled packed day we had!  Now off to get much needed rest because we knew the next day was going to be even busier.  Crazy I know, but we were hitting two parks in one day!

Day 4 – Two parks in one day, oh my!

This was pretty much our last full day, so why not start it off with a bang!  We decided to go to the San Diego Zoo and to Sea World! Yes you read that right. Both in one day.

We knew that to accomplish this we would need to get an early morning start, which is hard for me, I am not a morning person at all.  I am pretty sure Beckham takes after me on that account, he really likes his sleep as well 🙂  Surprise!  I was the first one up this day, and decided we would hit the Zoo first.



zoo 2

Loved, loved, loved the zoo!  My husband and I have both been there before but it had been well over 15 years at least.  We knew that we were in a bit of a hurry but wanted to make sure that we saw it all.  Looked at the map and figured out were we go first etc.. Honestly There are so many different animals, that I thought Pictures would do more justice than words. But to not short change you, lets just say there were:

Glorious beasts of every shape and all size. From the largest of elephants to small buzzing flies.

zoo 20

zoo 3

z00 20

zoo 18

zoo 19

zoo 25

And to our surprise, there were ones covered in feathers. Others in scales made of though hides and leathers!

zoo 16


zoo 29

Some bathed in red, green, purple and blue. All  assortment of land, sea and air beasts at the zoo!

zoo 24

zoo 14

zoo 22

zoo 11


zoo 21


zoo 17

Ahem… Please don’t sue me Dr. Suess.

After walking around a bit and seeing an array of animals and much needed lunch and a nice cold beer, yes beer, we Headed off to take a ride on the Skyfari.  This takes you from one end of the park to the other via a tram car high above the large park.  It was included with our tickets, as well as the Kangaroo Express Bus (which we didn’t ride on).  The Skyfari was really awesome as it was a mode of transportation from one end to the other, and also a very amusing ride. The views were great, and it was nice to get off our feet for a bit. The highlight of the Tram ride was our little guy’s total enjoyment. For some  reason he was enthralled by the ride, and that made it more fun for us as well.

zoo 5


zoo 6

At the zoo they have a playground are for the little ones as well as a petting zoo that we had to check out.  Beckham wasn’t shy at all with the little animals, and was making us very nervous by sticking his face right up to theirs.  They must have sensed his kind heart and curiosity as they were very kind.


zoo 7


zoo 8

zoo 9

It was an amazing visit, and we were still unable to see everything at the massive zoo. I would highly recommend going there if you visit sunny San Diego!

After about 4 hours there we headed off to Sea World.  The zoo is rather large and you could definitely make a day out of it, as previously stated. But with it being our last day we wanted to make the most of it and see as much as possible.  We are also insane…  so there is that too.

I would have to say my favorite animlas (see how I spelled that… cute. Its like my kid tries to say it) to see at the zoo were the monkeys and panda bears.  Do you have certain animal in which you have to make sure you see when visiting the zoo?

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