Decorative Mason Jar Vases

So there was the Hubs plopped down on the couch, one hand down his pants doing his best Al Bundy impersonation while watching preseason football, When it suddenly occurred to me “Holy crap, it’s almost Fall!”.   And as every blogger knows, you gotta stay ahead of the seasonal curve :).  Only trouble was that… well… I didn’t have any glamorous projects cooked up. With a need to start decorating the house for fall, but nothing lined up,  I decided to revisit one of… Read more »

Painted Rotating Craft Organizer

Good Morning Y’all and welcome to this months Monthly DIY Challenge!  There’s no better way to start off the New Year than to get things organized around your home!  So with that said, this months challenge is all about getting organized using baskets and bins!       I began by procuring this revolving storage tray from Harbor Freight Tools. Typically it is used as a rotating workbench to organize tools, but I have turned it into a pretty painted organizer!  As I really… Read more »

Hello there!  Hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday Weekend!  Last week was such a fun week for me!  I participated in the Great Crate Challenge with 9 other fabulous bloggers, Where we all took the same wood crate and transformed them in our own ways.  It was so much fun!  Hope to do a challenge like that again in the future.  I also had the pleasure of attending an Annie Sloan chalk painting class, where I learned some new tips and… Read more »

Happy Friday!!!  After writing my post – Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tips & Tricks.  I decided to dedicate this weeks fabulous finds to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, so you can see for yourself all the things that you can do with it.  Enjoy!   Old Vintage Chair – My Passion For Decor How to Paint Pretty Pumpkins – Perfectly Imperfect Annie Sloan Paint gives Brick an Update – Sew a Fine Seam Painted Kitchen Cabinets – Savvy Southern Paris Grey… Read more »