Hello there!  Hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday Weekend!  Last week was such a fun week for me!  I participated in the Great Crate Challenge with 9 other fabulous bloggers, Where we all took the same wood crate and transformed them in our own ways.  It was so much fun!  Hope to do a challenge like that again in the future.  I also had the pleasure of attending an Annie Sloan chalk painting class, where I learned some new tips and tricks!  Now I am going to share those tips with you!



When I first started hearing about chalk paint I started researching it more, in my research I discovered Annie Sloan.  I was mostly drawn to this particular brand of chalk paint because of its versatility.  No sanding, priming, stripping etc…  Making the projects much easier.  Also the fact that you can pretty much paint over anything with this paint.  I know you are probably thinking “Anything?”  Seriously, anything!  You can paint over fabric, metal, plastic, glass…   Awesome, huh?  My first project using Annie Sloan paint was my Fall Mason Jar Vases, which led to my obsession with this paint.

Fall Mason Jar Vases final 2

I attended the Annie Sloan workshop at Drab 2 Fab here in Utah.  Before the workshop began, they gave us all a gift bag filled with a paint brush, cheesecloth, and Annie Sloan’s book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations, and a few other print outs of Annie Sloan painting tips.  Gotta  love a great goodie bag!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tips & Tricks goodie bag-Anything & Everything

If you are planning on using this paint often and want to learn all the endless possibilities that you can do with it, I would definitely recommend taking one of these classes.  It was fun, and very informative.  The classes are small making it even better to really get your questions answered.  To find an Annie Sloan retailer and workshops near you, you can find them listed here.


Okay now time to share with you some tips & tricks that I learned!



The nice thing about this paint is that there is not a ton of prepping to be done.  Well actually from what I have heard, if you ask Annie herself, she doesn’t do any prep work.  You will just want to clean off any dust/residue from the surface that you will be painting.  Warm water and a little bit of dawn dish soap work well, or you can even clean your surface with odorless mineral spirits and warm water (which you will probably want to get, as I will be telling you how you can make a fabulous glaze using it!) .  There are certain woods that will bleed such as cherry and other custom furniture pieces, so you will want to seal the surface with one or two coats of shellac before painting.  That is it!  Like I said before no sanding or priming needed.  Isn’t that great?!



Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tips & Tricks Painting-Anything & Everything

You can achieve so many different looks with this paint.  That’s what makes it so fun!  The paint is thicker than latex paint, so a little really goes a long way.  It dries very quickly, and is also non-toxic, odorless, and a water-base paint that is led free making it safe for inside use and around children.  Add water to make it a little more smooth, or add even more water to make it into a wash.  So much you can do, so just play around with it!


In the workshop we learned a few different techniques that I am going to share with you.  The first one is the dry brush technique.  You will pick out two colors. Apply two coats of desired paint color and let dry.  Once it is fully dry, dip the tips of your brush in your second color of choice and pat/brush of excess paint with a paper towel.  You will want the brush “dry”.  Using long strokes, brush your project in the desired areas to achieve the look you want.  Here is a wood frame that I painted in the workshop using this technique.  I used Paris Grey as my base color and Louis Blue for the dry brush.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tips & Tricks Dry Brush-Anything & Everything

This next technique is also using two colors.  So like the dry brush technique, you will paint two coats of one color, once dry apply one coat of another color.  Once completely dry you are going to use sandpaper and lightly sand desired areas until the base color starts to show.  This one is really fun as you can achieve so many different looks with it.  Just make sure to sand lightly as you only want to sand down to the base color and not all the way to the wood or surface that you are painting.  The colors I choose were Old Ochre and Paloma. (keep in mind that I was experimenting and the wood was just really cheap, so it doesn’t look great)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tips & Tricks painting1-Anything & Everything



Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tips & Tricks waxing-Anything & Everything


After painting your piece/pieces you will want to wax.

When waxing less is more.  For larger pieces it is easier to work in sections.  In the class they said to apply the wax like hand lotion.  Using a waxing brush, apply the wax until it becomes gritty, then remove excess with a cheesecloth or lint free cloth.  You can also use a rag or cloth when applying the wax, but I would suggest getting a wax brush.  I think it is worth it.


If you want an aged look in certain areas you can apply dark wax.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tips & Tricks Dark Wax-Anything & Everything

Use a sponge brush and apply the dark wax to desired areas and then wipe with rag or cheesecloth.  If you apply to much dark wax you can use the clear wax to remove it 🙂


You can also make a glaze with the dark wax.  To make the glaze mix 1 part dark annie sloan wax to 1 part unscented mineral spirits.  Mix together and whallah you have yourself a glaze.  You just want to use a little at a time when applying this.  Use a sponge brush and paint all over your painted project and then wipe off excess with a cheesecloth or lint free cloth.  We did this in the workshop, although mine didn’t turn out as well.  I was playing around with a few different techniques on this piece of wood.  So it’s kind of a hot mess haha!  This glaze is great if you are going for more of an aged look.  Same with this, if you decide you do not like the glaze you can easily remove it with clear wax.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tips & Tricks glaze-Anything & Everything



Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tips & Tricks buffing-Anything & Everything

Now I have heard from many people that you want to wait 24 hours after waxing before buffing.  In the class I was told to buff right after waxing.  So I would just suggest doing it both ways and decide which you like better.

I would highly recommend getting cheesecloth for buffing.  Before this workshop I painted a piece of furniture and used an old t-shirt to buff.  After using the cheesecloth I thought it was 10 times better.  I just felt like it was faster and smoothed things faster and better.

With buffing you can really achieve the amount of shine you want.  You can even buff months later.  If you want something to really shine.  Buff it with your cheesecloth right after you have waxed and then wait 1 week and buff again using a 600 grit sandpaper.  It will really shine!



Use sandpaper and distress the areas you would like.  I have also heard that if you have only done one color paint, you can use a wet rag to distress furniture.


There is really so much that you can do with this paint.  I can’t wait to try different things, and see for myself all the amazing things that it can do.  I am not an expert at all, I just enjoyed the class so much and wanted to share some of the things that I learned with you!


To learn more about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint head on over to her webpage here. Also make sure to check out this weeks fabulous finds to see all the things you can do with this paint.


Have a great weekend!



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    1. Tara Post author

      Thank you, Nicole! Well, the nice thing about this paint, is if you do mess up you can just paint right over it again! The waxing is actually my favorite part 🙂


    1. Tara Post author

      Thank you, Amy! So glad to hear that you were able to find a distributor near you. They might offer classes there, you should look into it! I loved the class!


  3. Bre @ Average But Inspired

    Tara, I’m so jealous you got to take a class! I tried to take one last year but it filled before I could get registered. Thanks so much for sharing your tips. I have never actually used Annie Sloan products because there aren’t any distributors near me, but I hope to try some paint out in the future! Pinning this to my painted furniture board!
    Bre @ Average But Inspired recently posted…On Display Thursday (No. 10) – Inspire & Be InspiredMy Profile


    1. Tara Post author

      Bre, if the chance comes up again to attend a class, I would definitely go. It was so fun and informative. Hope these tips help when you do get your hands on some Annie Sloan paint! You will love it!


    1. Tara Post author

      Thanks Jillian for stopping by! Hope these tips help when it comes time for you to use the chalk paint. You are going to love chalk paint 🙂


  4. Amanda @ Dwelling in Happiness

    Sounds like such a great! Even more fun to get to play around with the paint. 🙂 Great tips, thanks so much for sharing them!! I haven’t use Annie Sloan’s chalk paint yet but I think I might need to give it a try with how easy you make it sound! 🙂 Visiting from Create Link Inspire! 🙂
    Amanda @ Dwelling in Happiness recently posted…Motivational MondayMy Profile


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    1. Tara Post author

      Yes, you will clear wax first and then apply the glaze. The clear wax can actually be a remover for dark wax. So if you apply to much dark or glaze than you can remove it with the clear.


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  12. Tammy @ theultimatelinky

    I’m jealous that you got to go to that class! Thanks for all the good tips! I’m so sorry I’m pinning so late. We had a co-host that had to drop out, and I’m finally getting to her links! Pinning from the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party!


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  15. Janet Allen

    I’ve just painted and waxed my bathroom pine units in Paris Grey wonderful!!!
    Can I paint my plastic bedroom fitted wardrobes with Annie Sloan paint?


    1. Tara Post author

      Aww love Paris Grey! I bet it looks fabulous! Yes, you can! Just clean it off first and that is it! You can really paint just about anything with this paint. Isn’t it great?!


  16. julie

    Great tips. I love Annie Sloan paint and wax. I’ve painted some glass jars and clear wax after they dried. With the wax prevent the paint from scratching off in the future?
    Thank you!


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  18. Moya

    So very very grateful to you for sharing all of this info. I have to admit I’ve been scared to death about painting furniture but with your help and such detailed information “I’m going for it”.


  19. 24/7 in France

    Thanks for all the information. I have painted Old Violet on a small table top but it has a slightly indented/embossed pattern – dark wax (50/50 with clear) made it look dirty and stained so now it’s repainted and I’m trying to decide what to do to highlight the pattern (glaze or simply apply a stencil?) Any suggestions would be helpful as I am at a loss at this point – merci!


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  21. Anna

    Thanks for the tips! . I love jars! how it turned out – stunning! I’d love to do this to a small jars I have. Could you tell me the color of the paint you used as a starting point. I am definitely going to try annie’s paint!


  22. Delna

    I am just starting out using chalk paint & am very nervous. How does one go about the handles ? I mean how,do u achieve the gold on the handle ?



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