I’m BAAAK!!!  You may have all been wondering where I have been, as well as I hope missing me 🙂  Well I am happy to be back in action and sharing a bit of anything & everything once again!

It’s Monthly DIY Challenge time and this month my friends and I are creating something using cork.

9 cork projects

I have always wanted/needed something in our kitchen to keep track of our everyday activities, appointments and whatever else we may need. Not to mention something to help deal with the clutter that has manifested on the side of our fridge.  So to kill mildly injure a bird with one stone, I decided to create a chalk board…. bulletin board…. um… board. In short order this little guy has made my kitchen more sharable, pretty and organized, you know… sharpganized. It’s trademarked 🙂

Chalkboard Bulletin Board

Corkboard Monthly DIY Challenge



It all started with this cork board that I found at the thrift store for whopping $1.98! Gotta love bargain shopping, right?!

corkboard 2

All it needed was a little dusting off and some fresh paint.  Since the cork was unable to be removed from the frame, I just used some painters tape and taped around all the edges, then painted the border white.

Chalkboard Bulletin Board step 1

Once the trim was dry, I taped up the trim and painted the cork board with chalkboard paint.  Giving it about 3 coats of paint.

Chalkboard Bulletin Board step 2

When the chalkboard paint is completely dry, rub chalk all over it and rub it off to condition the paint

Chalkboard Bulletin Board step 3

I decided that I will put the month on the top from month to month, but I wanted it to look pretty so I found this little trick that works great!  Just print out your desired image on regular paper then follow the steps below.

halkboard Bulletin Board step 4

To get the image ready to transfer to the chalkboard, simply turn it over and rub chalk on the paper over the image.

chalkboard step 5

Then flip it back around and place the image where you want it then trace the image on to the chalkboard with a sharp pencil.

chalkboard bulletin board step 6

Then use a chalk paint pen to color in your image/letters.  I realized that I used a permanent paint pen after coloring it all in…DOH!  Good thing it is easily fixable.  So make sure to get chalk paint pens so you can easily erase when needed 🙂

chalkboard bulletin board step 7

Now for the fun part.  Adding a few little knick-knacks, pictures etc…  My favorite part is the mini metal buckets that I added down at the bottom to hold chalk and a little faux plant.  I found the mini metal buckets on Amazon for a set 12 for only $6.84 plus free shipping!
Corkboard Monthly DIY Challenge tins

Corkboard Monthly DIY Challenge

This was such an easy project to put together that can be done in just a few hours, or even 1 hour sans children.  Gotta love quick and easy!  So happy how it turned out!

Now let’s check out the 8 other creations made using cork!

10 thoughts on “Chalkboard Bulletin Board plus 8 other DIY Projects using Cork – Monthly DIY Challenge

  1. Nicole B.

    What a great idea! It’s so functional! I have an old bulletin board sitting in the garage waiting to go to Goodwill… maybe I should give it a little facelift instead!


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