So there was the Hubs plopped down on the couch, one hand down his pants doing his best Al Bundy impersonation while watching preseason football, When it suddenly occurred to me “Holy crap, it’s almost Fall!”.   And as every blogger knows, you gotta stay ahead of the seasonal curve :).  Only trouble was that… well… I didn’t have any glamorous projects cooked up. With a need to start decorating the house for fall, but nothing lined up,  I decided to revisit one of my favorite projects from last year to see if I could breathe new life into it.  And While you will have to be the judge, I feel pretty darn good about the results. (pop’s collar / drop’s mic) .   All kidding aside, They’re like…. Super cute and junk!  Yay for reboot’s!  Enjoy 😉

Decorative Mason Jar Vases

Here is what they looked like before.

Fall Mason Jar Vases final

These mason jar vases were my absolute favorite fall decor for our home last year, so I really didn’t want to change them up to much.  I kept the paint and stencils on the jars the same just changing the flowers and adding a little something to the mouth of the jars.

To see the full tutorial on how to make these jars, as well as the supplies needed you can get all the info HERE.


  • Painted Mason Jars – get all the details on how to make them HERE.
  • twine
  • floral wire
  • corn husks
  • fall floral accents
  • tacky glue

Mason jar vases supplies

First I started of by soaking my corn husks in warm water for 10 minutes, making them easy to peel in half.  In case you are like me and think that they sell corn husks at the craft store…they don’t.  Duh moment!  I seriously walked around Michaels forever looking for them before finally realizing that there sold at the grocery store….doh!  So finally after wasting too much time at the wrong store I finally got my hands on a bag of corn husks!

After peeling the corn husks in half, I set them aside to dry.  As they were drying I wrapped twine around the mouths of the mason jars securing them on with some tacky glue.

mason jar vases step 2

Once the corn husks were dry, I took a variety of floral accents that I purchased at Michaels and put together an arrangement and secured them together with some floral wire.

mason jar vases step 3


mason jar vases floral arrangement

That’s it!  Simple way to update one of my favorite projects!  Loved the look of them before but now I love them even more!

fall jar vases

mason jar vases for fall

painted mason jar vases for fall



What do you think of the new look?

For more Fall decor inspiration you can follow along on Pinterest as  I am always pinning away!




34 thoughts on “Updated Fall Mason Jar Vases

  1. Shannon

    What a great update to those cute Mason jars. I really like the twine you added around the mouth. The flowers and husks look great; they definitely make me think of fall. Love them!


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