Good Morning!  The time has come around again for the Monthly DIY Challenge!  If you are new around here, let me first start off by filling you in on what the Monthly DIY Challenge is.  On the second Wednesday of every month, my bloggy friends and I take the same item and create something unique out of it then share it all with you!

This month we decided on scrap wood.  I was certainly happy about that!  When I first started blogging I stopped by a yard sale and bought a whole box of scrap wood, knowing that I would definitely use them.  The hubby wasn’t too pleased, and thought it was just going to take up space and never get used.  Well wasn’t he wrong!  I’m sure he is thanking me now 🙂


The hubs and I have been busy these past couple of weeks sprucing up our yard and giving our front porch some more curb appeal.  After painting our front door, shingles, trimming up our tree, and adding some window shutters, it was still just missing something.  After looking at it, and looking at it, we realized that after adding the shutters to one of the windows, the other side needed something to balance it all out.  That is when we had an aha (not 80’s band) moment, and decided that a unique address plaque would be the perfect addition to the other side to complete and balance the look.

DIY Address Plaque


We had just the perfect size of scrap wood sitting there waiting to be used (thanks to me :)) hehe!  It just needed a few inches off the length, which the saw easily took care of!

DIY Address Plaque scrap wood


This wasn’t just going to be your ordinary address plaque, we wanted something that was definitely going to stand out!  I have seen address plaques on Pinterest that have a planter box as well, so we decided to add one at the bottom for the perfect added touch!


To make the planter box, we used the left over scrap wood that we cut off and cut them to size.  Then nailed them to the plaque and drilled a couple holes in the bottom allowing draining for the flowers.

DIY Address Plaque scrap wood planter


Address Plaque planter box

Once we had everything cut and ready to go, I painted all the wood.  Since this was going to be outside, I primed it all first using KILZ primer. Then painted all the wood in black (the same color and finish that we used for our front door, and shutters).  Then of course a coat of polyurethane to seal it.  The picture shown below is only one coat of paint. Once the second coat was on, it looks much better than this.

DIY Address Plaque paint

Now time to put the address numbers on.  We found our house numbers at The Home Depot.  They can be used two different ways, flat or floating.  We decided to have them lay flat on the wood.

Address plaque numbers

Once it was mounted on the front of our house, I just added some fresh flowers.  I really can’t tell you what they are either haha!  Can you tell I am not much of a gardener?!  I just pick out what I like!  I do however check if it needs full sun or shade, that much I do know 🙂  I must say though, I think I picked out the wrong ones as they have already died on me, womp womp 🙁  That is why I really just need to stick with succulents, as they are seriously the only things I can keep alive!

Address Plaque

DIY Address Plaque flowers

Address Plaque DIY

We have received so many compliments from neighbors, friends and family about our address plaque and are so happy to hear that other people love it just as much as us!

It’s amazing what a few minor things can really do to give your front porch that added oomph!


front porch before 2

Ugh I am so glad to finally glad that my husband finally fixed that Direct TV wire that was smack dab in the middle of our house.  Those Direct TV specialist that wired that up should be FIRED!  Doesn’t it just look ridiculous?


Our House After

I have to tell you, I really enjoy these challenges with my friends and always look forward to seeing what everyone came up with!  Let’s go take a look at, shall we?!


68 thoughts on “DIY Address Plaque – Monthly DIY Challenge

    1. Tara Post author

      Thank you so much, Kristi! Wasn’t that wire the worst?! It has been driving me crazy for years, so glad we finally did something about it!


  1. Erica

    Oh my goodness, the front of your house is SO freaking adorable! Such amazing curb appeal and your address plaque just adds that extra finishing touch! Love the modern look of the numbers and the added adorableness of the planter box!
    Erica recently posted…Balsa Wood Dresser UpdateMy Profile


    1. Tara Post author

      Oh Erica, you are so sweet! Thank you for all of your kind words! After doing everything, my husband and I looked at each other and said “wow! our house looks so much better, why didn’t we do this sooner” haha!


  2. Jenny

    I absolutely love this, and I’m going to attempt this soon! I have one question though, how did you attach the numbers?
    Thank you!


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  6. Jamie | anderson + grant

    So stylish! It is such a great way to use up some scrap wood. I live in a rural area and we don’t have house numbers. Projects like this always make me wish I could add some to my home! I’m sharing this as one of my features tomorrow. Thanks for always sharing your amazing creativity with us!
    Jamie | anderson + grant recently posted…Antique Dining Table + ChairsMy Profile


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  8. Scott Johnson

    Hi Tara- You guys have dressed-up the front of your place beautifully and I really like the address plaque with planter- proportions are perfect and a very classy look- gonna totally copy it except for a minor stylistic change to better fit my place (run-down rustic trailer) and porch (artsy-fartsy hippie eclectic) and a larger planter box w/ 2 side-to-side partitions (3 compartments): 1) the forward one large to hold a low and slow-growing evergreen like a spreading/trailing spruce to have color and life; 2) the rear one to hold a succession of potted seasonal flowers (and plant later in the garden when blooming is done if perennial) or decorative materials of whatever type to match the season or celebrate the holiday; 3) (I got this idea when you mentioned your choosing the numbers- flat vs. floating; I’m going with floating because…) a narrow mid-section to hide a small LED fixture to throw light up onto the floating numbers to have that cool cast-shadow effect. Should I actually get to doing this (To-do Projects #2,378) I’ll send you a pic. Thanks for a great template!


    1. Tara Post author

      Thank you so much, Scott! All of your ideas sound amazing! Definitely send me a pic when it is all complete! Can’t wait to see the finished product on your run-down rustic trailer/artsy-fartsy hippie electric porch 🙂


  9. Wilfredo Hernandez

    I like your plaque because the font reminds me of something from the city. It is classy yet it fits perfectly with your house. My wife and i will have to look into getting one like that. Thanks for the post!


  10. Megan O'Shea

    This is exactly what I need to complete the front of my house! Could you provide measurements? I want to attempt it! :-).


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  12. Sue

    Love this, Tara. I may have the perfect space for something similar and the black will be perfect for our front garden! I also love how you and Hubby have pruned the plants, that Silver Birch and Acer look SO much better now… AND you can see out of your other window. Bonus!! 🙂
    Sue recently posted…Crafting as a cure for depressionMy Profile


  13. Melissa

    This looks great! I may be stealing this idea. One question, how did you mount the wood to the brick? We need an address plaque and I can’t figure out what would be the best way to do it. Thanks! 🙂



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  24. Lisa

    I love your number plaque, but could you give me the measurements? I saw some other people had asked, but never saw the answer. Thanks!


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