Well Hellooo everyone!!!  This summer has been so busy, and I feel like I’ve let you all down a little by not sharing projects with you each week.  I’m sorry, I’m horrible I know.  Forgive me as I have enjoyed the sun, and outdoors a little too much this summer and have neglected my projects.

However, I do have something for you today, hooray!  Earlier this month I shared on Instagram my son Beckham and I putting together this picnic table kit from Home Depot (similar to this one but smaller).  It was $34.00 and comes with everything that you need, making it super easy!  I didn’t want just a picnic table for Beckham and his friends to eat at, I wanted it to be a fun little table where he can play and create things.  So I decided to turn it into an activity table where he can be play and be creative while mommy gets some time to do things she wants to do too!  Win Win for both of us right?!

Here is how it all came together!

Kids Activity Picnic Table

Kids Activity Picnic Table



Here is the kit ready to be put together with instructions and all!  Doesn’t get any easier than that!

Home Depot Kids Picnic Table

Always fun working on a project when you have the cutest little helper 🙂

Home Depot Kids Picnic Table assembly

Beckham enjoying it already!

Home Depot Kids Picnic Table assembled

Now time to make this table more fun!  In the middle I wanted a space to keep colored pencils, crayons, stamps, or whatever the little guy decides to put in there, hmm cars maybe?  He is obsessed with cars!  So to make this possible, I decided to use a plastic planter box that I found at Home Depot and have it be inlaid in the middle of the picnic table.

With the help of my husband, we started off tracing the planter box in the middle so we had an outline of where we needed to cut it out.

kids activity picnic table step 1

To make the cutting process easier, we drilled 4 holes in each corner and then used a hand saw to cut it out.

kids activity picnic table step 2

kids activity picnic table step 3

Now for the fun part, staining, and painting!

kids activity picnic table step 4

I stained the table with one coat of Rust-Oleum wood stain in Dark Walnut.

kids activity picnic table step 5

I waited about an hour or so until the stain was complete dry, then sealed it with 3 coats of Spar Varnish to protect it since it will be outside and being used often.

Then I spray painted the black plastic planter box with Rust-Oleum spray paint in a pretty turquoise blue color. (not sure the name of the color as it doesn’t say it on the bottle)

kids activity picnic table step 6

To make things more organized and not have the middle filled to the brim with pencils, coloring books, stamps, and paper, I added a file/paper sorter that I found at the Container Store.  The only thing about these are the material they are made out of will not hold up well in weather conditions.  I wanted some plastic ones but the only ones I found were to large and clear.  I wanted something colorful and smaller.  So I opted to still go with these and hope that I remember to cover them when weather prohibits. To secure them to the sides, I simply screwed them on each end of the table.

kids activity picnic table step 7


Kids activity picnic table side holders


Kids activity picnic table side holders 2


I filled two painted mason jars with colored pencils and placed them in the middle console, one on each end.  Then filled the center with stamps.  The file/paper sorter I filled with colored paper, stickers, and coloring books.  I am sure at some point these will all be filled with something entirely different, as Beckham I’m sure will be adding things to the mix.

picnic table middle

colored pencils

Someone sure loves his activity picnic table!

Kids Picnic table

playing table


Love how this all came together!  Perfect activity table that is functional, colorful, and fun!

Kids activity table

Kids play picnic table

kids activity picnic table


Thank you for stopping by!

 Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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