Yahoo!  It’s that time again!  Monthly DIY Challenge time!  This month we decided on pegboard, which I was super pumped about. The possibilities with pegboard are endless making them the perfect item to create something unique and creative.

My husband and I are in the beginning stages of re-decorating our sons bedroom.  With his obsession with cars, we decided on a rustic vintage car themed room.  And when I say obsessed I mean obsessed, he takes them everywhere we go, he even sleeps with them.  So a gallery wall displaying what he loves was perfect!


Pegboard Gallery Wall

Pegboard Gallery Wall

I found my pegboard a few months ago while shopping at Home Depot for other various items.  It was back in the clearance section, so I snagged it up knowing that our monthly challenge would be coming up soon.  When I finally decided that  I would be creating a gallery wall with the pegboard, I realized that it wasn’t exactly the size I was looking for.  All it needed was to be cut in half as well as some off the sides and it was just the size I needed.

pegboard gallery wall step 1


Even though the board is already white, I freshened it up with 2 coats of some bright white latex paint in eggshell.  Once the paint was dry we used 5 pieces of 1″ x 4″ plywood that we cut to size, placing them around all four corners as well as the middle section to act as spacer’s between the wall and the pegboard.  Then mounted it to the wall.  (sorry I don’t have a picture of that whole process, I totally forgot.  Blogger fail).

Now for the fun part.  Time to put the gallery wall together.  First off I found this wooden shadow box at Michaels that is just perfect to display some of his matchbox cars.  I simply just stained it and that was all it needed!

pegboard gallery wall step 3


If you are looking for vintage car items, go to Hobby Lobby.  They have so many things, it’s crazy!

pegboard gallery wall step 2


The frame I found at Michaels and the “Dream Big Little One” print I found over at View from the Fridge that was a free printable!  The arrow was found at Hobby Lobby and I painted it grey.

For the frame and some of the signs I used pegboard hooks to hang them, with everything else I used nails.  Once I placed everything on the pegboard, I ended up having an empty space and needed a few more items.  Luckily I knew right where to go!  Hobby Lobby to the rescue!

vintage gallery wall for boys room

vintage tin for gallery wall


I absolutely love how my little guys pegboard gallery wall came together and I can’t wait to finish the rest of his space!  Next on the list is a plank wall, so stay tuned for that as well as how the rest if his room comes together in the upcoming weeks!

vintage car oegboard gallery wall


pegboard car gallery wall

vintage car pegboard gallery wall

vintage car gallery wall on pegboard

Now let’s see what my lovely friends created with their pegboard!

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    Beautiful! Be careful not to destroy your walls. If you ever damage your wall or ceiling, a repair is essential to resolve the problem instantly so the damage won’t get worse.


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