Announcing that you are pregnant is a very exciting time!  You just want to tell everyone right after you get that first positive test result.  But wait, wouldn’t you rather think of a fun and creative way to tell your friends and family?  That is exactly what my husband and I thought when we found out that we were pregnant.  We knew that we wanted to have our first child involved, when I say first child I mean our four-legged child.  Our Yellow Lab Marley!  Marley has been in our lives since she was 6 weeks old and now she is 9.  With her being our only child for all those years she is very spoiled and demands attention at all times, so it was going to be interesting to see her reaction when she realizes that she is not the baby anymore.  To our surprise Marley has adjusted very well, our baby boy is now 7 months old and Marley just loves him!

So here is how we decided to announce that we were expecting!  Marley was not liking the idea of having shoes tied around her collar and was not cooperating at all.  With many takes we finally got a few great shots. Yay!


pregnancy announcement

We printed these pics on 4×6 photo paper and gave them to our friends and family.  Everyone loved the idea!  Don’t just call people to tell them the big news, have fun with it!

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