Those of you that read part one of my trip to San Diego, did you guess where we spent day two of our trip?  If you guessed Coronado Island, you were right!  The whole trip was fantastic but I would have to say Coronado day was one of my favorites!  Spending the day with my husband and little boy at the beach was great!  It was such a delight to see my little guy enjoying  his feet in the sand and frolicking in the shallow ocean water. I dare say he enjoyed it more than myself, which is saying something. I was also able to meet up with an old friend from Jr. High and Highschool.  All of that makes for an AWESOME day at the beach!

Day 3:

Headed off to Hillcrest to meet up with my aforementioned friend Laura, who now lives in LA but graciously drove down south to spend the day with us.  So glad that she did as it was nice to catch up with her. Once we got to Hillcrest, Laura had recommend that we go to the Hash House for brunch.  Unfortunately the wait was over an hour so we assume it must be epic!  Apparently people were totally trying to smoke the hash rather than eat it, or possibly did smoke hash and were now super hungry and not leaving the joint! (kidding of course) Next time.  No worries, the street that we were on had tons of different restaurants to choose from.   Of course right now I cannot remember the name of the one we chose to eat at, but it was delicious!  They had these amazing tiramasu pancakes.  Hmm now that I am thinking about it, maybe I need to try and re-create them 🙂  After a great brunch and much needed catching up, we were off to Coronado!

Once we arrived we went straight to the beach at Hotel Del Coronado!


Coronado 4

It was so fun to watch Beckham play in the sand and make sand castles with his daddy!  Of course he wanted to try and eat the sand, and you can tell by the pics it didn’t quite mesh with his palette,  haha!

Coronado 1


Coronado 2

Coronado 3

Now time to get our feet wet in the ocean.  Beckham loved it.  He was pulling my husband and I further and further in, and was just cracking up as the waves came in!  Such a fun sight to see, all the excitement and wonder kids have when seeing new things for the first time.

Coronado 5

Aww so sweet, just Beckham with his daddy! Love it!

Coronado 6

Coronado 7

We had a great time playing at the beach and in the ocean.  Now it was time to go walk around Hotel Del Coronado.  Before going into the hotel, we stopped at the beach bar for a nice cold beverage.  $15 bucks for a drink, jeez louise, but I didn’t care I was on vacation!  And to be fair the berry mojito was delicious, crisp and refreshing!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Hotel Del Coronado.  It is a beautiful hotel that sits right on a beautiful stretch of beach on Coronado Island.  Inside it has a very Victorian feel to it.  It has a little shopping area with a variety of stores.  There is a shopping area with a variety of stores for everyone.

There is also a lot of history behind the resort.  Including the mystery of Kate Morgan.  To read all about here story and more history on the hotel click here.

Simply stated Coronado Island is a must. With the vast and pristine beach, combined with various shopping and dining options, It really is a staple of any San Diego vacation.

Here is a carousel of pics from day 2 including some pics of Hotel Del Coronado.

After all of our fun basking in the California sun, we set off to Ocean Beach for some local savory cuisine.

Day 3:  La Jolla

First things first,  time to wake up an enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and gather our wits about us before another eventful day. Did I mention that it does not suck to do so on a 12th story balcony over looking a vast blue ocean and serene bay?  Ahh breathtaking, I wish I could wake up to this every morning!

La Jolla

Enjoyed the view for a while and then headed off to downtown San Diego to meet up with some other friends that just so happened to be in San Diego on vacation also.  We had brunch at another great place called Cafe 21.  After enjoying our massive brunch and company we headed off to La Jolla.

La Jolla has been dubbed San Diego’s “Jewell by the Sea”, and after a clear sunny day there it is easy to understand why.  All manner of assorted shops and restaurants littered the streets, that quickly sloped down the Cliff side and ocean.

It was Memorial Day which was a bit of a double edged sword.  It was such a cool scene to see the water, palm trees, shops, and the abundance of positive yet diverse energy and people. World War II bombers cut through the blue sky in what I can only assume was a salute to our former and present troops.  The only down side is that there were a lot more people than would typically be there.  We ventured down a little jutting step way to the beach and let the little monkey splash in the water for the second time in as many days.  Then back up the steps and on to a spot called La Jolla Cove, where the seals and sea lions bask in the sun tucked between the cliffs and a rounded walkway overlooking the water.   And naturally the beautiful beaches are what draw a lot of people to La Jolla.  As a gal that typically prefers the white sands of the Gulf region and Atlantic, I have to say I was impressed.


La Jolla 1

Here are some of the beautiful beaches around La Jolla.

La Jolla 2

La Jolla 3

Here are more pics of our day at La Jolla.  We pretty much just enjoyed walking around and checking out the beaches and some of the shops around town.


After spending most of the day at La Jolla exploring the beaches and landscapes of Scripps Park, we headed back to the Catamaran Resort and relax by the pool.  We ate dinner in our room as we were to exhausted to go out again, and were treated with a very unexpected show.  A fairly grand fireworks display was fully visible across the bay from Sea world. Additionally the Bahia Belle Stern Wheeler was approaching the dock. Lit up against the the darkness as the firework’s reflections danced and flashed across the water, followed by the powerful but dissipated booms and crackles.  Haha, not to get all Shakespeare on you, but it did feel like a special moment as if it were designed for us.  Another great day in Sunny San Diego!

La Jolla 13

Can you tell how much this little guy loves his daddy!  So sweet!

La Jolla 14

Seriously. This is what we get to watch every night from our room!

FireWorks Stamp


FireWorks Stamp2

I hope you are enjoying my trip report even half as much as I enjoy sharing it with all of you.  Here is what’s to come in part 3 of my trip report soon so stay tuned.

Day 4

Have you been to San Diego before?  If so what/where is your favorite place to go while there?  Would love to hear your comments!

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