This post does include affiliate links.  For more information see my disclosure policy   With the new year in full swing perhaps you have made some goals for yourself, or possibly want to try something new and share your passions.  What better way to do that than with a blog!  Maybe you have a passion for travel and want to document and share your adventures.  Or are you the creative type? Share your creations! One of the many great things about a blog is that… Read more »

Good Morning!!!  Today we are doing things a little different around here!  Instead of sharing a DIY project, or whatever it might be, I will be sharing a little bit more about me!  How does that sound? I have been nominated by the wonderful and talented Kendra from Joy In Our Home to partake in the Tour through Blogland.  This where you share a little bit more about yourself,  your family, your home, and your blog.  Plus get more of an inside… Read more »