Do you decorate much for Halloween? Do you HAVE your Halloween decorations out yet?    I started getting out mine last week, and ended up using a few new ones that I recently made, as well as some from last year.  When it comes to Halloween decorations, I keep it pretty simple and don’t go too crazy or too spooky. I made these really cute Boo letters last year, and decided to show you how I made them.  With a little bit of scrapbook paper,… Read more »

DIY Photo Collage Letters

Good Morning! A few weekends ago was spent celebrating with my friend that will be moving away to San Diego.  So today I am sharing this personalized gift that a friend and I made for her.  We wanted to make something that represented SLC and also all the fun times we had together with our group of girlfriends.  So being that we live in Salt Lake City, we decided to get some wood blocks that say SLC and put a photo collage… Read more »