Happy Hump Day, my friends!

I always get excited this time of month!  Why you ask?  It’s the time that my friends and I share our projects for our Monthly DIY Challenge!  Everyone has their own taste and idea of what they envision, so I always look forward to seeing what everyone creates using the same material or theme every month.  It’s also nice, as it really does challenge me to use materials that maybe I wouldn’t use unless given the challenge.

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This months theme is wreaths, just in time for the Holidays!


My goal was to maintain traditional red and green colors yet making it modern. The contrasting greenery from the tea leaves mixed with the red and gold berry accents were the perfect combo, and helped achieve the look I was after.

Tea Leaves and Berry Wreath

Tea Leaves and Berry Wreath


Step 1

Cut a few stems off the tea leaves bush using floral wire cutters.  Then wrap floral wire around the stems, leave some remaining wire so that you can use that yo secure them to the wreath frame with floral wire.

Tea Leaves and Berry Wreath step 1

Tea Leaves and Berry wreath step 1a (1 of 1)

Just continue doing that all around until it is full and the wire wreath frame is covered with greenery.

Tea Leaves and Berry wreath step 2

Step 2

Then glue your berries where you would like using hot glue.

Tea Leaves and Berry Wreath


That’s it!  Super quick and easy project!  I seriously think it took me about 10 min to make.  It looks super cute on my door too! Being that this is the first year we put Christmas lights on our house ( I know right?)  Makes this wreath pop even more on our front porch.

Easy greenery and berry Holiday wreath

Hope that you guys enjoy these challenges as much as we do!  We are gearing up for Monthly DIY Challenge 2016, and looking forward to spicing things up a bit so stay tuned!

To see all the past challenges in one spot, follow our Monthly DIY Challenge Pinterest board!

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