Well hello everyone! It has been nearly two and half years since I have shared anything on my blog…EEK! Why, you ask? Well stick around for all the glorious details and roadblocks, as well as a preview of whats to come! Shall we??

Buckle up and? Rewind 5 years ago to when my blog first started. Wait did I just say FIVE YEARS? Uggh! Anyway, as a newly minted mom, I was looking for something to do with my spare time. Well, the time between diaper changes, feedings , nap time, diaper changes and diaper changes anyway. Wait did I mention diaper changes? 🙂 Thankfully at some point my love for creating and sharing ideas gave birth to my blog, Anything and Everything! Back then it was just the 3 of us. Well 4 if you include our four legged, furry, friend and family member Marley, AKA Marleymoo! AKA stinky hot mess, AKA food destroyer, AKA our first “baby”.

When I first started blogging I was sharing random things not thinking anything would come of it. However that was not the case, and along my journey I met an amazing group of bloggers that I connected with and became good friends. However, with those connections and the growth of my blog, came the feeling of being overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all the other bloggers.

What started as a hobby became a constant grind of creating new content, trying to learn photography, learning how to create and then keeping up with all the back end technical stuff that comes with managing a blog. As many can attest to, there is so much more that comes with blogging than that final “pinnacle” instafab moment. Thinking of ideas, creating content, taking quality photos, editing photos, learning new programs, writing and proofing the posts, and of course staying connected and active on social media are only some of the duties required to keep this train rolling. Choo Choo! Needless to say it is a lot of work, and I found myself having a hard time finding a balance between my family and my blog.

Shortly after sharing my most recent post leather butterfly chair cover, I became pregnant with my second child. It was at this point that I decided to take a break. Lets just say It had been a long journey to become pregnant with little number two, which can take a lot out of you emotionally. That year and half or so with struggles, procedures and many doctors appointments finally paid off and we welcomed our second baby boy in the fall of 2017. Beckham was so excited to meet his little brother and to become a BIG Antagonizer… err I mean Brother!

And now, with much aplomb! Meet the newest member of our family, Grayson!

And…. Not so little anymore!

Regrettably, not long after the celebration and joy that Grayson brought us, we lost a huge part of our family. Figuratively AND Literally, as she got pretty hefty in those latter years :). Our crazy little ball of love, fur and quirkiness passed away a short 6 months after G-man was born. (Que Tears) Is it getting a tad misty in here? Not a day goes by that we don’t think of her. Thankfully Marley lived a wonderful life. A life filled with 14 years of fun, insanity, love and treats. Lots of treats 🙂 For those reading this that knew her, you know that she was definitely one of a kind.

I have finally adjusted to the craziness that two kids bring 🙂 Wait, I have? Well, let’s say I am LEARNING to adjust to the craziness. It’s a bit of a work in progress. Nevertheless I am ready and genuinely excited to get back into my blog and continue where I left off, doing what I love. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about it and I definitely have regrets for ever quitting it in the first place. We’ve all been there right? Pushing our passion’s aside to make time or room for life’s other necessary engagements. If it wasn’t for the support of my husband though, to be honest I am not sure I would have blogged again. He has never stopped encouraging me to get back into it and is one of my biggest supporters. I couldn’t do this all without him that’s for sure. He has always supported me in whatever I want to do and I couldn’t thank him enough for his support!

Well now that you are all up to speed with where I’ve been, let me tell you where the blog will go from here. I have always had a passion for travel and adventure and over the years we have been on a lot of them. So, on my Instagram I am going to share more of my family everyday life, adventures and travel i.e “Anything”. While on the blog I will be sharing “Everything” in-between. See what I did there? With the any and the every… oh never mind :). At the end of the day, I am REALLY excited to get back into creating and sharing all of my ideas and adventures with you! Anyhoo, here’s to hoping you will continue to follow along and be willing to jump back on this train as its gets rolling again! All Aboard!?

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